About the Dunedin Ice Hockey Association (DIHA)

The DIHA (originally the Dunedin Ice Hockey Club) was formed in 1990 and is an incorporated society and a charitable organisation.

The DIHA’s constitution was last updated at the 2019 AGM. A copy of the constitution is found here. The DIHA constitution lists the objectives of the DIHA as:

  1. To initiate, organise, conduct, foster and promote the sport of amateur ice hockey in the Dunedin area, making it accessible to all ages and skill levels.
  2. To make Rules and By-Laws for the control of the sport and its administration in Dunedin, and to require all members to recognise the DIHA as having the final right to determine, whether by way of appeal or otherwise, all disputes in relation to the sport, this Constitution, Rules and By-Laws.
  3. To facilitate, initiate, organise and conduct programmes and competitions designed to develop the skills of its players, teams, coaches and officials.
  4. To foster and promote good sportsmanship.

To fulfill these objectives:

  1. The DIHA, Dunedin Ice Skating Club and Dunedin Curling Club are partners in Ice Sports Dunedin, the incorporated society that manages the Dunedin Ice Stadium.
  2. The DIHA is a participating club in the Southern Ice Hockey League (“Southern League” or “SIHL”).The SIHL includes all ice hockey clubs south of Christchurch including from Gore, Alexandra, Queenstown, Tekapo and Naseby.
  3. The DIHA is an affiliate of the New Zealand Ice Hockey Federation (“NZIHF”).
  4. The DIHA registers Dunedin ice hockey players and associates with the local, regional, and national associations.
  5. The DIHA facilitates practices with coaching to help develop player and team skills at all levels.
  6. The DIHA facilitates local games and leagues in Dunedin across all ages and skills.
  7. The DIHA facilitates off- and on-ice officials.
Teams under the name 'Penguins' have represented the DIHA in Southern League competitions across all age groups from 1992. Teams under other names have also represented the DIHA at different times in various competitions locally and regionally.

Ice hockey is played at all ages in Dunedin with players active in Kiwi-Hockey, Under 12, Under 15, Under 18, Womens, Senior and Masters.

The DIHA works in partnership with other ice hockey programmes in Dunedin including:
  • the Dunedin High Schools Ice Hockey League, and
  • Adult Learn to Play and Adult Social Leagues organized by Ice Hockey Otago, and
  • the Dunedin Thunder representative teams which play in the New Zealand Ice Hockey Federation League against teams based in Queenstown, Christchurch and Auckland. There are Under-15, Under-18 and Senior Dunedin Thunder teams, and
  • activities organised by the Dunedin Ice Stadium including Kiwi-Hockey.

DIHA Structure

DIHA Board

The DIHA Annual General Meeting (AGM) is held at the beginning of each year.  The DIHA Board of Directors is made up of up to 13 people who are elected at the AGM.  The DIHA Board of Directors meet the week of each month during the season, and at other times as necessary, and is responsible for directing all aspects of DIHA activity.
President president@dunedinicehockey.co.nz
Secretary secretary@dunedinicehockey.co.nz
Treasurer treasurer@dunedinicehockey.co.nz
Under 12  
Under 15  
Under 18  

Important Volunteers

Volunteer managers, referees, officials, coaches and coordinators make running the DIHA activities possible. The DIHA needs volunteers in order to meet the DIHA objectives and activities each year and ice hockey in Dunedin (both off-ice and on-ice) is dependent on, driven by and made successful by volunteers. If you are at all able to help, please contact a member of the Board of Directors, or respond to requests for help issued by the DIHA from time to time.

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The DIHA's membership system is called Helloclub. The link below to Helloclub should be used if you would like to:
  • register with the DIHA
  • access your account on Helloclub
  • sign up to DIHA trainings, tournaments or other activities


Rink Location

101 Victoria Road,
St Kilda,
Dunedin 9012
+64 (3) 456-4556

Women's League (DWIHL)

The DIHA organizes a dedicated Women’s only Ice Hockey League. This is a social league commonly referred to as the DWIHL (Dunedin Women's Ice Hockey League).

It is a friendly league for female players only that in 2020 runs from June - October. It is a non-checking league open to female players 13 years of age and over.  Female players of all abilities are welcome.
  • Ages: 13+
  • Skill Level: All levels welcome - (however recommend having a little skating experience)
  • Contact: Non‐checking
  • Local Games: Monday evenings
  • Equipment and skates can be provided if required
  • 2020 League schedule and information is attached
All players in DWIHL must be registered DIHA members.

The DWIHL organisers also run friendly drop-in games an extra trainings throughout the year and over summer for club members.

Find our DWIHL on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/groups/167906223258927/)

For more information on the league and women's ice hockey in Dunedin please contact:

Angelique Mawson

Adult Learn to Play

if you're an adult wanting to learn to play, or a player keen on getting into a team then contact ice Hockey Otago.



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